In the course of greening the city has developed more than 30 million tenge. Planted over 400 new trees. This was announced by Deputy Director for sanitary cleaning and landscaping of LLP “Kala Zholdary” Abay Kozhabayev.

In greening in the current year from the budget allocated 487 million tenge. It’s 161 more than in the past. Greening the regional center is engaged in LLP “Kala Zholdary”.

Under the program, according to the Deputy Director of sanitation and seleniu “Kala Zholdary”, employees of enterprises primarily made whitewash trees in the city. Currently, according to the approved schedule, work began on planting trees, lawn and flowers. At this time the company has developed more than 30 million tenge.

We visivaem a new variety of turf grass from the ballroom “Khan Shahar” to T-junction. Disembarkation is carried out on both sides of the road and is more than four kilometers. It will continue to the hotel “Grand Nur Plaza”. 200 seedlings of varieties Ailanthus and planted cemetery from “Khan Shahar” to T-junction. From the intersection towards the airport up to the gas station “Helios” planted 200 saplings. By may 1, the streets will decorated with beautiful annuals — petunias and marigolds, – said the Deputy Director of sanitation and selenia LLP “Kala Zholdary”.

Now ends with a mass planting of marigolds brought from a local nursery, on the ring between 14, 11 and 9 neighborhoods.

As said Abay Kozhabayev, previously planted with lawns and shrubs on the walk of fame near the monument “Eternal flame” in the square between 4 and 5 neighborhoods, 5 neighborhood at the monument Mynbaeva, at the flagpole in 12 microdistrict square “Yntymak”, the club “PR” shopping center “Astana” micro-district 14 is constantly produced care and grooming. Planting and landscaping work in the city at present 120 employees LLP “Kala Zholdary”.

23 APR landscapers “Kala Zholdary” together with employees of regional, city akimats and regional Prosecutor’s office held a community work day to plant around 300 saplings of elm, Ailanthus and Gelateria at the main entrance to the Park “Akbota” and the regional Prosecutor’s office in the 15th district.

Abay Kozhabayev said that watering will start on 1 may. Water will be used with the loading station in the heart of the village near the lake. Treatment to protect trees from pests will also start in early may. Cleaning schedule deadwood not yet approved. The company is engaged directly with pksk city.

On the website under the heading “National news” April 21, reader posted a video, which depicted the time of work of the employees of LLP “Kala Zholdary”, which a root pulled out the grass in the city. A resident protested that the lack of greenery in the city destroy the last.

– I want to say that our staff not to rip out the lawn and the weeds, people call it “Aram SP”, which reaches a height of 10 centimeters. He’s no good, it will not hold dust. Yellowed weed many people causes allergies. It grows in clumps, scattered around the city, and it spoils the view. We are expanding our beds to prepare for watering the trees, and this weed prevents takes a lot of water, – said Abay Kozhabayev.

On the issues of cutting down damaged trees and dead wood should contact us by phone: +7 (7292) — 60 — 01 — 94.