Daily miracle


The medical profession is a calling, such a specialist may not be any person. You must have a special warehouse of character: attentiveness, serenity, and at the same time – confidence, ability to make decisions quickly, a great share of responsibility. The doctor should love and appreciate their work, to do it a hundred percent, constantly improve themselves and develop, not to stand still. Parallel to be a good psychologist to have an individual approach to his patient, to be able to listen, to comfort, to inspire hope and confidence in the future, faith in a happy future. The medical profession is very dangerous: after all, to take responsibility for the lives of others will dare not everyone. And, of course, more difficult to work in a nursing home. Where by thee is not one, but several lives.

Zhamal Jamanbaeva today works as the Director of the regional perinatal center in the 16th district, despite the complexity of the profession she has no regrets and happy with what what does. Even as a kid found his place in life. She knew that she will become a doctor. The truth here is what is not thought.

The idea of devoting his life to curing sick people came to her after she herself at the age of 12 was in the hospital. Her doctor is so impressed with their professionalism and care for patients that Zhamal Jamanbaeva decided — “I want to be like her”.

— For me, it was a standard doctor. Her behavior, dialogue was so perfect, that I realized – I will like it, too, doctor. Still her image is before my eyes. Before this our family was not a doctor, only teachers.

No sooner said than done. After high school, Zhamal he entered the Almaty state medical Institute. At first her passion was “neurology”, she devoted all of his time, the day had gone on duty in this office, attended additional courses. But the fate of the novice medic intervened teacher gynecology. This woman is so exciting talked about all the joys of working with pregnant women, that group, which studied Zhamal, in the end decided to change the profile.

After graduating from medical school, young professional of 12 years working in the area. She says she clearly remembers every heavy patient. Zhamal Jamanbaeva, following the example of the doctor, which was her ideal choice of a profession, has always tried to support each and every patient

I remember when I worked in the area, was a very difficult woman. She almost died in childbirth. I sat beside her for three days, never left the bed. And when three days later went to the mirror, I saw that my hair was gray. Then I realized that I missed her pain, everything she suffered through. Any doctor ever encounters this problem.

Another important case proving how important for a patient doctor who cares for the patient also occurred in the district hospital. It was in the 90s. The girl absent menstrual cycle, treating her for a long time, but to no avail.

It was from someone I heard that if you get married, then my period will start. But after marriage, of course, nothing has changed. Several years passed, she adopted a child and had no hope someday that I will be able to get pregnant herself. And one day she came to me and said that she had a growing belly. Then ultrasound is sensible in the area. And I fashioned method listened to the heartbeat. The term already was decent, and I told her that she was pregnant. This moment happened to such hysterics, she began to cry loudly. We have the whole hospital was comforting her. I asked her to give birth in Aktau. It is in any says that even if you die, then only you have on hand. So I delivered her baby, by the way, she gave birth without complications. Then the connection was lost, I went to Aktau. And still don’t know whether it was possible for her to get pregnant again.

After working in the district she worked for two years at the perinatal center and 5 years in the management of health chief obstetrician-gynecologist. It Zhamal Jamanbaeva one of the first to raise the issue that the city needs another maternity ward because the number of patients in 26 of MKR was so high that the mothers were lying in the corridors.

Then I promoted this question. Head of regional health Department at that time was Serikbol Musinov. He supported my suggestion, and opened a maternity home. He then said that once you opened it, you have to put him on his feet. There I worked for two years as head doctor, and then I transferred back to the UPC, where I work now in its fifth year.

Zhamal Abdibekovna always fondly remembers his first teachers. Is Vladislav Andreevich Tyres – he was the chief doctor of Zhanaozen maternity hospitals, and Amirkhan of Aitbayevich Kanaeva, the surgeon who gave up his future to the Director OPTS for the scalpel and taught to use it.

Is a great doctors. They still work, still work for the benefit of people. And I’m grateful to them for what they were in my life, that passed on their experience and knowledge.

Zhamal Jamanbaeva recognizes that to achieve such heights in his career never would have, if not for the support of the family. The spouse of a doctor is an engineer and is sympathetic to the periodic delay at work, calls at an inopportune time and travel. They have two children, now they have grown up and my dream is to follow in the footsteps of the mother. Zhamal Jamanbaeva that took several hundred children, remembers himself as a patient.

— Of course, prompted his doctors in the process, controlled him. But I was very patient – didn’t make a sound. I knew that this pain was given to the woman again. Childbirth is the most Holy moment in the life of any woman, and how wonderful that only women experience this kind of happiness. By the way, under completely different circumstances, the pain a mother feels during labour, could cause a painful shock. But not during delivery. Only women have a special power that allows her to relive those exciting hours.

To a pretty hard pace got used relatives and friends. Despite the lack of time Zhamal Abdibekovna a good hostess. She has a signature dish – soup, pizza and beshbarmak. As for cleaning, here has its own peculiarity. “Everything must be perfectly clean as in the operating room,” says the Director of the regional OPTS. The main purpose of Zhamal Jamanbaeva — achieving good results at work. With this task she and her numerous staff, to cope. Yearly infant mortality rates were declining, the number of newborns is increasing. It is undoubtedly the result of hard and continuous work of many people.