Female electrician is not just


As fate Valentina after school went to study for an electrician with a further device to the power station in sayotesh. There she met her future husband. The first time the young girl was not easy to cope with the burden of responsibility and the brunt of the work, but surrender is not going to. Youth Valentine Tripolitana differed from their peers tenacity and desire to always achieve his…

As time passed and the couple decided to have children. With the advent of two daughters, the couple decided that to study them will be better in the city. So the family moved to Aktau.

In August 1983, Valentina got a job in the Palace of culture named after Abai for the position of electrician. Once in a technical team of 12 people, she started her work for the benefit of the cultural house in the city. It has been 33 years. Changed the time, people, but the attitude remains the same.

— Here is me holding a hardening of the time and Patriotic spirit. What could be more important than concern about the younger generation. We are trying to improve the learning conditions of children. And depending on how these children perform on the stage of the Palace of culture. Abay, we, the technical staff, we also feel their involvement in this beauty. It supports us not want to leave, despite the fact that the salary here is low. It is enough for us. Very much over the years and made to leave their work do not want, — said Valentina.

Affairs technical staff are always abound, time does not stand still and progress too. Technology is changing, becoming more difficult and costly electricity supply. So, Valentina Ivanovna, as well as any worker who very often need to update their knowledge, and combining it with years of experience, she continues to work for the DK im. Abay.

Besides work, Valentina has raised two beautiful daughters and helped them in their endeavors. But girls are not attracted electrician, and each went his own way, the eldest daughter went to medical school, and the youngest daughter decided to become a fashion designer.

I wasn’t trying to force their daughters to go to electricians, they had to choose their future themselves, my job as mothers is to support their kids and not force them to go my way. Every man must go his own way, to meet difficulties and to fight them, — the woman tells.

Having worked 33 years in DK. Abay Valentina, feels proud of all the work done and she really likes it. She believes that loyalty to the place where you work and the desire to make it better — should be inherent in every person. Despite the fact that today’s generation not brought up on the Communist slogans of patriotism to the family, the home, the work should be common to all.