It would seem that essentially nothing has changed. But this is only at first glance…
In emergency situations, complicates both General and medical situation, the doctor needs organizing and conducting their work in unusual conditions (earthquake, accidents on chemically or radioactively hazardous objects, socio-political conflicts, etc.), which may be accompanied by simultaneous emergence of a large number of affected in need of speedy medical assistance, a sharp deterioration in the sanitary-epidemic situation, the mismatch between the availability and requirements of the forces and means of local public health services. Thus, these doctors are distinguished by their professionalism. Over 5 years of work in the center Mansiya Klymivna visited many accidents, risking their own lives saved others.
The medical profession, one of the most complicated in the world of Mancia Bisarieva was not chosen randomly. In childhood she dreamed of that after school and graduation, wearing a white robe and will save people. Parents against choice of his daughter did not object. After school she enrolled at the Aktobe state medical Institute.

— I like this job, and I believe that is my business, I help people. Often when we come to call the victims at the scene among the population and no one required assistance. In such moments we are happy, but not because I do not like to work, but because all people are alive and healthy, and this is important. After all, any injury may ultimately affect the fate of man, says Mancia Bisarieva, the doctor of a brigade of the division of emergency medical aid the emergency medical center.

Bisarieva Mansiya Klymivna always ready to urgently go to the challenge. Calls happen every week, but it with victims and a major emergency as well go out daily fires, accidents and accidents. The collection is given 5-7 minutes, all things lie in their places and always ready for the challenge. Mansiya Klymivna married and the mother of three children. “Of course my family worries about me but they know I’m doing important work and support as they can. If anyone of my kids would have chosen medicine I would not mind.”

Signal in case of fire, the fire dispatcher sends the call to the Department of emergency medical aid the emergency medical center, Bisarieva Mansiya Klymivna with the entire team assembles and responds. The brigade itself is composed of paramedic, driver, and psychologist. On arrival the crew immediately recognizes the nature of incident and number of victims.

“Very great pride from their work experience when I help people and save their lives. the big impression left by large car accident, terrible picture, I want to help everyone.”