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In the period from 20 to 22 April at the center of service of businessmen of the branch of “Damu” Fund for Mangystau region 27 aspiring entrepreneurs passed a three-day training course under the program of support of starting a new business.

Usually trying to start your own business from scratch, the bulk of the enthusiast has no business experience, no connections. No skills, no sufficient funds to open. But even minimal means of attachment. In addition, how to take the credit. If you manage to collect the necessary documents. It is not always possible. And whether we should also question! And of course, as a matter of course, everyone wants not only to burn, and to make his business profitable, highly profitable and promising. Starting a new business is a very crucial moment. This and many other questions were discussed at the workshop.

At this training the participants got lot of new knowledge and skills, as well as structured the existing knowledge on business organizations. Widely considered the psychology of business – how to choose, find and keep its customers. A business coach has given practical advice on HR and marketing solutions. Working on the topic of team formation, future businessmen gave their commitment to the entrepreneurial activity and the level of development of leadership skills, learned the concept of personnel motivation system, practiced negotiation skills.

Entrepreneurs have not only gained knowledge but also made many useful contacts.

The next step for aspiring entrepreneurs trained, will be the presentation of their business projects to the jury consisting of representatives of second tier banks and big businessmen of the city. This event will be held in the form of a competition, four winners will get an opportunity to online training on business management, organized by the Fund “Damu”.

All participants who wish to use the tools of the state support program Fund will receive the full support of their projects from the experts TSOP Fund “Damu”.

Source: ogni.kz