This is talking about this game Soviet chess player Tigran Petrosyan. Sarkisov from Aktau solidarity with a colleague, for more than 15 years he teaches Mangystau students chess. In his team one of the strongest players in the region. These children often go on different competitions and come back with gold and silver medals.

The Alexander was born in 1946 in Baku. Chess future coach began to get involved in school. Then he was seized by another passion — music. As a teenager Alexander Sarkisov learned to play the drums. After school went to serve in the army, served in Kazakhstan in the city of Stepnogorsk, Akmola oblast. Upon returning from the army he started to work. In 1966, in Moscow, opened the training Institute to chess and chess training. Alexander Sarkisov, after learning about it, decided to do. It was 1970, the UNIVERSITY was one of the youngest in Moscow, but 5 years of studying recalls with pleasure. Says really learned a lot from there.

In 1975 he received a diploma and was a candidate master of sports and the trainer-teacher of chess. After graduation he returned home, coaching could not feed his family, had to work on other activities and chess to do it as a hobby.

After the events in Baku, and what was virtually a civil war and had to move to Kazakhstan. At first it was difficult to teach, who want to play chess was very little, after some time, Alexander began work in the circle of school No. 12, then took the coach to youth “Zhastar” in the “Student Center”. After a while he resigned from his permanent job, chief of security, and to deal only with young people learning chess. In addition to chess, Alexander studied music, he graduated from music school. But now he gives himself completely to chess and the music is almost no time left.

Music at this time do not, before I replaced the people in the restaurant orchestras and so forth, but the fact is that in Soviet times, the restaurant had finished work at 11, but today the restaurants are open until one o’clock and more, so there is no possibility. I give all my time to teaching children chess, it’s my first case. Two watermelons in one hand hold is not possible, — says Alexander.

At the moment, Alexander Sergeyevich the title and remained a candidate master of sports, fulfill the norm of master of sport twice. But due to certain circumstances the master of the sport he is there and not received.

Alexander Sergeyevich four children, he and his wife live only a daughter and the other children live in different countries and cities: one in Kazan, one in America one in Moscow. Despite the unconditional love of the father to chess, none of the household followed in his footsteps and especially his passion is not shared. However Alexander is not frustrating. He believes that everyone has the right to choose their destiny on their own.

In this work, I most enjoy interacting with the younger generation. I like to work, enjoy being around young people, because next to them and feel myself young. For 15 years, working as a chess trainer. And anything would not change his business, — says Alexander Sarkisov.

His pupils achieve very good results. In addition to the skills children learn to think logically, and expand their horizons.

— One of the boys, Shyngys Kenzhebaev, has recently fulfilled the norm of candidate of master of sports. In the last championship he won first place. I myself for the sake of training also participated and took 3rd place, and I’m 69 years old, I have just not enough time, and with young people it is difficult to compete, they are still young, have energy and strength. I am very proud of my students, — says Alexander.