LLP “Kala Zholdary”: Nine pieces of equipment and 800 employees will be engaged in cleaning of streets in Aktau in heavy snowfall


Municipal enterprise “Kala Zholdary” switched to enhanced mode because of the snow in Aktau. But, according to Sergei Bermukhamedov, the head of the company, to withdraw the equipment earlier.

LLP “Kala Zholdary” were told to clean city roads, the enterprise can for two to three hours.

Technique until we bring may snow now blow with the wind. Snow small ice no. We wait. As soon as the snowfall, we immediately deduce on cleaning more than 800 employees and nine pieces of equipment: snow machines, “pescatrice”, graders. To prevent ice slopes and the main road of Aktau will sprinkle a mixture of salt and sand. For two or three hours we can bring all the roads up. This year prepared 240 tons of salt and one thousand cubic meters of sand. Don’t worry, we are fully prepared for bad weather, – said Sergey Bermukhamedov.

The emergency situations Department of Mangistau sent out to cell phone customers warning about the possibility of icing. Rescuers reported that because of the ice increases the likelihood of accidents and injuries among the population.

According to weather forecasts today, December 8, the expected strong wind 17-22 meters per second, the threat of severe snowstorms and ice.

Rescuers remind: in emergency cases, you must call the rescue service number 112 (from cell phone free call).

Earlier, the Diamond Iskakov, head of Department for emergency situations of Kazakhstan, told about the readiness of the service of emergency Department of Mangistau for emergencies in the winter.