Continuing the theme of the most beautiful places of Mangystau, which were included in the ranking of the Kazakh geographical community (the full list can be seen on Inalmaty), we present to your attention the second part.

Mangyshlak plateau is adjacent to the Peninsula plateau, which is located on the Peninsula of the Eastern coast of the Caspian sea.

мангшлакское плато

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The Karagiye depression is the lowest point in Asia. The absolute minimum is 132 meters below sea level. The basin is about 50 km from Aktau city and is a giant bowl with uneven slopes. The researchers of the paranormal claim that the Karagiye depression is one of the most mysterious anomalous zones of the world. According to them here it is possible to witness the emergence of unidentified flying objects — red balls. One of the first reports about the appearance of the UFO over trench was the story of the engineer Rozhkovskaya, who noticed not far from those places the red ball flying at a low altitude with great speed. It was the spring of 1979.


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Mangyshlak Peninsula — hundreds of miles of rocky coastline of the Caspian sea, countless miles of desert, Golden sand beaches and lots of springs. According to legend, when among Adizes was the division of the inheritance, ADAI cheated and got him a sword and a horse. Then the horseman gathered Udaltsov, respecting the freedom and the truth, and took them to Mangyshlak. And formed a new tribe proud of adais — militant and cohesive. All deprived and resentful found protection and shelter.


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Balls valley, which is the natural boundary Torysh, is considered the most mysterious places Mangistau. This place is studded with stone balls. The reason for their occurrence at this place is not solved until now. To the mind of the tourists come the legends of giants, legends of Atlantis and the mysterious stories about alien visitors — or take in these places giant peas, poured into a flat area in the desert? According to one local legend, the Mangystau land came swarms of enemies, covering the earth like locusts. The locals put forth their hands to heaven in prayer for help and was heard. The heavens opened torrential streams, thunder and lightning. Suddenly all the enemies turned into stones. It appeared on Mangistau endless fields and ridges of unusual rock formations – globular concretions.

долина шаров

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Ustyurt plateau is located on the territory of the two republics: Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. So far, this place remains one of the most unexplored on the planet. The main mystery of the plateau are considered “arrows URT.” It is the ancient constructions, has never been presented before. They represent calculations of crushed stone up to a height of 80 cm. Base resembles a bag from which come two arrows with distinct tips. The length of each arrow 800-900 m and a width of 400-600 m, and they are all directed to the North-East. Still do not understand their exact purpose, because of their huge size of the arrows cannot be seen from earth Hiking person or a rider on a horse or camel. To detect these arrows are only in 1986 during the aerial.


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If you decide to visit these wonderful places, just make the data into your Navigator. For your convenience GPS coordinates:

Mangyshlak plateau/Peninsula Mangyshlak: 44.00 52.00

The Karagiye Depression: 43.2418 51.4643

Balls valley: 44.322025 51.598508

The Ustyurt Plateau: 43.5000 55.1600