My inspiration is children…


For 15 years since the birth of the fashion theater “Kolibri” and currently it is headed by Elena Sinitsa. This Director has educated several generations of children. Despite the huge number of performances and frequent shows every time this man manages to make something new, unique. In addition to the ability to maintain good posture, to walk and to show fashion girls are taught the care, femininity and tenderness…

The “piggy Bank” fashion theater “Kolibri” hundreds of different awards. Among them Republican — the “Little miss Kazakhstan” (Astana, Atyrau), “the Princess of the silk road” (Shymkent), “Boztorgai” (Almaty), international – “Cinderella world” (USA, Las Vegas), “the Best model of the world”, “Best child model of the world” (Spain), “Magic of style” (Czech Republic), international festival of a name of I. Kalman (Hungary), “Little miss world”, “world Model” (Egypt). “Young model of the world” (Ukraine) and many more. In early November 2012, the fashion theater “Kolibri” was awarded the title “Exemplary” team.

— Our repertoire includes many collections. The most popular is the “waltz of the flowers”, “Mask”, “Egypt”, “Mangistau”, “Kazakhstan”. To teach children fashion theatre is my calling. I work with children all my life, each one is unique, each has its own “zest”, that is why they inspire me to create new images, collections. They are charged with energy and belief in victory, — says Elena.

Stunningly radiant, this man was born in Russia in city Perm. It was there that she graduated from the Perm state Institute of culture, specialty “Director of public events and theatrical performances”. After she and her family moved to the Shevchenko and took a job in the Palace of culture named after Abay. Here it has been operating for 33 years. Her eyes grew more than one generation of children. All of them, according to Elena anatolevny, such as solar, as the city of Aktau. Parents bring little princesses who barely learned to speak. Release of “Hummingbird” adults, famous, skilled, educated, and many of them, by the way, return to my native Palace of culture to work.

— I am very proud of my players during rehearsals. But once they appear in the image on the stage and can’t make tears of joy. They umnichki. I have never been such that we have returned from foreign competitions without a prize. And it is only because they do a lot of trying. In 15 years of existence of collective hummingbirds, there were many vivid, memorable moments. One last thing: the celebration of the anniversary during a speech was made an offer hands and hearts one of my players, — says Elena.

In the walls of the Palace of culture named after Abai was educated not only the participants of the fashion theater “Kolibri”, but her own children. The son of Elena Tits did on the choreography, now grown, has two higher educations. Daughter graduated from Institute in Moscow. All my childhood my daughter and son spent in the walls of the Palace of culture every day, now they bring the grandmother to work grandchildren. Helen Tit — an example of devotion to his specialty. In fact, the staff of culture center named after Abai lot of creative people who have decades of trying to diversify cultural character of our city. They, despite limited funds, the scenery, the lack of halls, locker rooms, and other things are constantly creating something new and not betray their cause.