Early in the morning. On the clock 6 am. The majority of the citizens peacefully sleeping at this time, but not one of Sagipov. For 10 years in a row, almost every day he gets up “with the first roosters”, sits behind the wheel of the car and like “Superman” clears the city from the “evil” trash that has accumulated in the yards of containers for the whole day. As a result, when Aktau wakes up, watching the empty tanks and clean. Hardly anyone of us ever thought: “Who are these people sitting in the cabs of the garbage trucks that sacrifice their sleep and work for rather modest money 6 days a week for the sake of the city was cleaner!?” Perhaps today is the moment when you can meet with one of them…

As noted earlier, one of Sagipov works as a garbage truck driver for 10 years. Getting up early he even longer since he had working in the company for passenger transport. Most of the buses are known to appear at stops much earlier people. Therefore, to this mode of the day Gafur of Sagipov have become accustomed.

— Since my childhood I love big cars. When I went to pass on the right immediately made all categories to be able to drive buses, garbage trucks and other equipment. I like what I do. The working day starts at 6am and ends at 5pm. The salary also doesn’t have to, now normally pay, — says the man.

Garbage trucks we see every day, but not often do we have to put ourselves in the drivers seat of these are definitely very useful for city cars. One company even created a children’s online game, in which you can try yourself in the driver’s seat of this car. The task of man to overcome obstacles, potholes, not to bump into people, correctly to place the machine in front of the container and to remove debris. Probably just enabling her understand how much hard work lies behind the name of the specialty “garbage truck driver”. After considering all Aktau road problems, narrow streets, load transport, etc. — to do their job, without hitting any cars, need to be more professional.

— Aktau working hard. People are not accustomed to the fact that next to the containers is not worth it to dump construction debris. There are times when the tank is half-empty, and around scattered bags of household waste. Just because the residents are too lazy to go and throw into the container. They throw from a distance, I believe that the utility has to clean up. Although the culture of behavior should be present in every person. In the end it is not our personal rubbish, says one of Sagipov.

In General the man is sure that the system of garbage collection in Aktau is very well established and does not need fixing. The cars go out in flights on time. There is, however, a problem about which they’ve been talking — parked cars in front of the apartment buildings with an internal garbage disposal.

Approaching such a house, and before him a car. And that’s all! Well if you have a alarm and it is possible to call the driver so he drove. But if you don’t have to run around the floors and look for whose transport because if the container is not emptied, then it filled up and clogged the garbage disposal. Many times asked people, useless Park who were impatient, complained one of Sagipov.

The management of the company appealed to the traffic police Department with a request to set before them the signs “Parking prohibited”, but the guards refused, arguing that “not allowed”. Therefore, the employees of LLP “Caspian operating company” has no choice but to appeal to the sense of responsibility of citizens through the media.

— Of course it happens that people call the company and complain. I don’t resent them. As a rule, all statements are justified. Therefore, whenever possible, we try to immediately respond to calls and eliminate the shortcomings, — says the driver.

Ghafoor of Sagipov arrived in Mangistau region from Turkmenistan. He has three children, they are still in school.

For ten years he knows almost every corner of the city and are happy to share their experiences with the new generation. Behind him is fixed trainees, which the example of one Cherepova learning to drive on the future roads to overcome various obstacles, which, incidentally, is much more difficult than in a children’s online game.