After a long-awaited and suddenly flying summer break for each new school year begins with library. Long shelves with thousands of different books. Each not less than one hundred useful tips and ideas from wise people. Here, even the school bell is heard differently. More politely, delicately. Coming here involuntarily going back to school childhood, the good librarian advises on which book to borrow, shamed if someone violates the rule of “speak in a whisper”… Rabiga Macetown, head of the library at the secondary school №9, the last question “If you had the opportunity to change something would you choose another profession?” replied a categorical “No”. At work love her children, guide and teacher. In this school she has been working for 26 years and when I recently spoke about the fact that next year plans to retire all very upset and asked to stay… Rabiga Aysayeva was born in 1959 in Turkmenistan Kyzyl-Arbat, when she was 10 years old she and her family moved to Ashgabat, but after living there some time they again returned to his hometown. However, Rabil Megatone no longer wanted to live in a small town, they were pulled to the capital.

— We have in Kyzyl-Arbat was a great school, I visited a lot of different circles. Learned to knit, to dance, performed at the city competitions and won prizes. But still, he loved to read. I remember when I came to the library and I thought, “What a wonderful job! All day I sit and read a book”. Apparently based on this dream he entered the faculty of “Bibliography and library science”. He graduated from the Institute in 1980, then moved to Mangistau in Munailinsk district, says Rabiga Macetown.
Here, in the district library and the schools work for her was not. All the seats were occupied. Then the young specialist got a correspondent in the now non-existent newspaper “Munaily Nov”. Rabiga clearly remembers his first interview. The Respondent was the honored teacher of the district — Nazim-up. Rabiga Macetown clearly remember how I was afraid to seem inexperienced, ask the wrong question, to prove himself not with the best hand. It was not easier to write heard. It took all night.

— I wrote, then reread, I don’t like tearing paper, threw out and started again. A lot of messed up leaves then have not yet done so to remain pleased with his work. The editor also liked it. Then, there were different materials and articles, remember came Tamara Miansarova, the singer of the famous song “Black cat”. She also interviewed a very emotional interview, recalled Rabiga Aysayeva.

Then she and her husband moved to Aktau and here she finally managed to get on the field to the regional library. Really worked there very briefly, said that it was her pulling her closer to the kids, wanted to be more useful to help pupils to choose from a list of useful publications. A year later she went to school near her home, asked if the jobs of the librarian and got the answer “You accepted.” By the way, after this time the dream of a job where “you can sit all day and read books” were destroyed. Working librarians have no end. In addition to the constant flow of children need to fill in endless reports (an impressive stack of folders, where hand written “receipts”, “care”, “as”, etc) she showed us.

— Of course now the children began to read less than 90 years. It’s mostly the juniors. I try to instill in them a love of books. The Internet is good, but it is impossible for the epic novel “War and peace” to reduce to three pages. It is better to let the film look, — said head of the library.

Two daughters Rabigi Megatonnes in her mother’s footsteps did not go, but she does not regret about it. He says that everyone should what he is really like. Meanwhile their granddaughters woman instills a love of reading from an early age. — Children of different people come here, I love to talk to them. Everyone has their own worldview. It happens that lost child a textbook, and I know that the family he does not live lavishly. Trying to get into position, issue written off the books, they usually do not differ from previous editions — said Rabiga Aysayeva. Of course, today’s youth is radically different from the one that was 15 years ago. In the library they visit is not optional, and acute need. Rabiga Macetown, aware of the new trends of modern life, and even started e-books. Specialist with extensive experience tells what to look for information on the Internet — well, the main thing that she was right.