Ryskul Alisova was born in the town of Zhanaozen. Her mother worked as an accountant, my father started as a driver, and now he runs the company, owns his own business.

To support the efforts of the daughter of Ryskul husband and I started with 5 years old when I first brought her daughter to the house of culture named after Abay. Ryskul in childhood dreamed of becoming Deputy, but after got married I realized that family is more important to her. She spends a lot of time with their children, and they are at the moment four, and everyone she pays attention, she reads them stories, they often go out with the family.

– My husband and I supported our daughter in her desire to continue to do in the Studio fire. For every parent his child is the best, and our children for us, the best, of course. But arriving at the competition and seeing its scale, we were not very confident that we will be able to take any place, so strong was the competition. And in presenting the Grand Prix, I was shocked and very happy for his daughter, says, Ryskul Iliskisi.

Ryskul Iliskisi works at Karazhanbas Munai. But this does not prevent her from spending time with his family and take care of children. Every spare minute she tries to give to his household and give them lots of love.

Being a mom of little miss world is not so easy, a great responsibility, almost a year has passed from the contest, but they daughter still running around, give interviews, participate in photo shoots,

In 5 years, Ryskul Iliskisi husband brought my daughter in DC, Abay wanted to write it on the mugs, but did not know what.

– We approached all the teachers of all groups, and we liked the Fashion of a Hummingbird, because there are not in one narrow profile, not just dance, or something else, there are more the child is raised, and so we went to the Hummingbird. Do 6 years and don’t want to leave him, girls are very well trained and educate them in a real lady — mother says.

For Ryskul most importantly, what would her children grow up happy and healthy children. Daily chores on children heavy burden, and if your child is little miss world, Affairs become even greater. But, Ryskul Iliskisi not be discouraged, not only helps her daughter to go on interviews and photoshoots, but also do not deprive of attention the rest of their children. Her husband also helps her, but still a lot of work to maintain order and comfort in the family lies on women.

— I think love is the most important, I always tell them every day, morning and afternoon, and evening, I love them, they I have the best, even if there are failures, bad mood, I always say that they are the best and they have all come, she says.

Kazakhstan for the first time in 15 years took Grant in Antalya. Before this went girls of different ages, but no one won. That is why the little Ameir Ali fell such popularity, many people still asked to give an interview and invite little miss world to different events. Next to her is always her mom and support her. The biggest happiness for any mother to see her child happy and making progress. In addition, Ryskul Iliskisi persistently engaged in teaching her daughter, she often participates in school competitions and in General likes to solve riddles and puzzles.

Ryskul Iliskisi is doing a great job as a mother and as a woman. Her tenacity and love for the children to be envied, but all the better to follow her example and give their children as much attention to how much it pays Alisova, Ryskul Iliskisi.