Since childhood Galym Ergogel fond of technology. His father worked as a driver at the Farm and taught his son to drive when he was in the 6th grade. Galym Ergogel tells how a clock could help my father to fix an old ZIL, examined all the details and subtleties of the mechanics work… At some point, the hobby grew into passion and then into profession.

Ergogel Galym Lauderbach was born in 1962 in Mangystau region. After 10 classes of learning and service in the army he got a job at Kalamkas oil. Then in 1999 he graduated from the local Polytechnical Institute on a speciality “the developer”.

— I long worked in the oil industry, there also had to repair equipment in the wells, but still I wanted to be closer to the cars. And that’s when I saw the announcement of the LLP “Caspian operating company” that they needed mechanics for the repair and decided to try their luck. Came in for an interview, passed the test and was accepted. I am very glad, because here is a wonderful team, very cohesive team and most importantly — I love your work, — said Galym Ergogel.

Certainly, in Aktau there is no person who would not pay attention to the “garbage crisis of 2015”. Let’s call it so. Last fall was inundated with not only containers, but also the adjacent territory. In the media and received numerous complaints from residents of different neighborhoods that have them in the yards ceased to take out the trash. As it turned out, the problem was not unwillingness to work. On the contrary. Kaspi operating’d like to clear all these blockages, but there was a problem — nothing.

— Almost half of the machines were broken. Term of exploitation them so much they were in need of repair, purchase of spare parts. Inaction could cause their system would have left all the equipment. At the time of the 20 machine 10 is not working. Of course, this affected the quality of service. Drivers just don’t have time. Just in this period we started to work, — said Galym Ergogel.

Ten days it took the team of Kaspi operating company to recover the equipment and “resurrect” machines. Technical Director allocated funds for the purchase of new parts, Galym Ergashev, thanks to his support, together with colleagues were able to “put on wheels” all the garbage trucks. Administration, by the way, is also not left behind and bought Kaspi operating 11 units of special equipment, some of them even suitable for “Euro-containers”.

— How everyone cares for their business people, we also experience when we hear criticism of our company. Of course, we would very much like to see the city was clean, everywhere there were closed containers, in time people paid for our services. I was in China, seen as they have established this system and, frankly, envied. Us because their understanding is still very far away. Unfortunately. But I hope sooner or later we will come to understanding. I would really like to actaully respected our work. Do not put the machine before the containers were not lazy to go to the ballot boxes on time pay the bills, says Galym Saudabaev.

Galym Ergogel raised two children: a son and a daughter. Unfortunately, none of them decided to devote his life to the repair of motor vehicles, but the proud father does not upset. He believes that people can not be realized, engaged in unloved business. It is very important to come to work that brings satisfaction. You need to constantly improve, to share the experience with others and give my 100 percent. Thanks to people like Galym Ergashev, “the Garbage crisis in 2015,” it remains only an unpleasant memory.