Akim of Mangistau region expressed their grievances and proposals for culture


At the next staff meeting chaired by Governor of Mangystau region Eraly Tugzhanov were discussed the main aspects of the work done in the field of cultural development of our region.

The meeting listened to the report by the acting head of the regional Department of culture of the Company Sarmurzina.

According to information sounded by it during the meeting in Mangistau region there are 118 institutions of culture: two theaters, one concert organization, 66 libraries, 39 clubs, 6 museums, historical and cultural reserve, a cinema, a regional scientific-methodical and cultural center, historical and cultural complex “Otpan”.

Clear evidence that the government pays significant attention to the cultural sphere is growing from year to year, funding for the industry. If last year the budget for culture was allocated 2.4 billion tenge, this year-by 8% (2.6 billion tenge), which in turn allows you to strengthen material-technical base of cultural institutions of our region and implement new projects.

Budget performance for the first four months of 2017 amounted to 777,2 million tenge (99.9% uptime). The main indicators of attendance and availability of cultural objects by region in the first five months of the current year filled with the fulfillment of the plan.

– Attendance at libraries was 103.3% (54515 readers at the plan – 52752), museums – 109,9% (32901 visitor plan – 29929), Philharmonic – 134,4% (27609 spectators at the plan – 23230), cinemas of 112.8% (24643 moviegoer at the plan – 21840) – reported the Company Onalbaeva.

The book Fund of the 66 libraries in Mangystau region, fifty of which are located in a rural location and is 1 459 994 books. Bibliographic records for 444 999 books included in the electronic catalog.

On our land to date there are 39 clubs, 36 of which are located in areas. When clubs are Amateur clubs and different sections. Data on the number of Mangistau’s citizens enrolled in club work, quite alarmed the Governor. For example, in the regional center 36 preklopnik organizations involved 872 people. In the town of Zhanaozen in the 80 organizations – 1318 people in Beineu district – 57 preklopnik organizations spend leisure time 1177 people in Mangystau region, – 71 – 1239 inhabitants, in the karakiyan district of 64 clubs – 1207 people, Munaily – 19 clubs involved in the 877 people in Tupkaragan in 43 organizations – 853 person.

As explained by the Company Sarmurzina, low percentage of coverage of cultural and leisure work in Munaily district and the city of Aktau is due to the low number of clubs in these towns (Aktau – KDK them. Abai, and in the Munaylinsky area with 140-thousand population are 2 club).

Yeraly Tugzhanov has instructed all the governors of districts and cities to take this question on control.

Especially the head of the regional administration stopped at Munaily district, which is the only region where not so well developed network of cultural institutions. Today in it – four libraries and two clubs. And on the standard grid, established by the Ministry of culture and sports, if the village is home to more than one thousand people, there must be a club, library, Museum.

– A young district with 140-thousand population requires a comprehensive approach in addressing issues of the construction and operation of cultural institutions. You need to solve the issues of organization of leisure of inhabitants of the area, and this in turn will affect the reduction of crime rates in the area. Therefore, I assign the akim of the district, the management of regional management of culture within one month to submit proposals and projects to address the issue, – said Eraly Tugzhanov.

According to information announced during a staff meeting, in the Mangistau region is 449 of the objects included in the state list of historical and cultural monuments, 21 national significance, 253 archaeological site, 60 monuments of architecture and urban planning. Carried out research and restoration work on the monument 61 (975) and 21 archaeological excavations at the monument. Another 880 monuments on the territory of Mangistau will be included in the state list of historical and cultural monuments.

Annually allocates funds for research work including archaeological excavation, restoration work, publication of books and monographs on the history of the region. Archaeological excavation was carried out in the settlements of Kyzyl-Kala, Ketik-cal, religious-funerary complex “Altenessen”. For shooting of documentary films were organized ekspeditsiia the territory of Beineu district and the Ustyurt plateau, which was filmed a series of documentary films on the history of the 18 underground mosques, caravanserais, FORTS, bytinski sanctuaries, funerary complexes, and also investigated the 169 wells. Documentaries were broadcasted on TV channel “Kazakhstan-Aktau”, and was also posted in social networks.

Yeraly Tugzhanov has instructed the Director of the TV channel “Kazakhstan-Aktau” Anuar Bimagambetov these documentaries make available to a wide audience at the national level.

The Governor also gave specific instructions concerning control of carrying out of restoration works, the new building of the oblast musical drama theatre. It is proposed to involve research, restoration and promotion of historical and cultural monuments on the territory of Mangystau region historians regional University KHUTI them.Sh.Esenova. Especially Eraly Tugzhanov focused on the issues of application of the mechanism of state-private partnership in the sphere of construction of objects of culture, noting that it is necessary to thoroughly discuss and review the proposed management of regional management of culture projects for the construction of a concert hall for 1,500 and amphitheatre with 3,000 seats, as well as the construction of historical-cultural Park.

Also the head of the regional administration Yeraly Tugzhanov focused participants ‘ attention on carrying out a competent personnel policy in the field of culture, stressing that the invitation of specialists (actors, singers, accompanists, etc.) from other regions of the Republic and their provision in the city of Aktau housing will not solve the whole problem of staff shortage in the institutions of culture of the region. He noted the need to systematically and consistently engage in the selection of cadres from among the younger talented young people, send them to study in leading universities and to study the mechanisms of the return of graduates from these universities are home.

The Governor expressed dissatisfaction with the script of the cultural program dedicated to the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the State symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan, stressing that the performed songs, and the whole concert program, in which there was no Patriotic component, did not match the theme of the celebration. Yeraly Tugzhanov has proposed to revise the structure of the regional Department of culture, consisting to date of the two departments and inspection of the restoration work.

During hardware meeting the head of the regional administration announced personnel changes.

Bolat Gandiole of Gandev appointed acting head of regional management of state purchases.

Bakyt Humanitaruli Alakbarov appointed head of Mangistau territorial Department of state property and privatization Committee of state property and privatization of Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Jumaily Saken Kassymov was appointed head of the Department of internal public audit for the Mangystau region

At the end of the meeting by the staff of akim of Mangistau region was announced information about the timing and quality of execution of orders given Yeraly Tugzhanov heads of state bodies. Today 432 order of the head of the regional administration are under control. 45 the instructions given by Governor of the region, it was necessary to submit proposals. In terms of their performances.

Yeraly Tugzhanov has once again reminded the akims of districts and cities, as well as heads of regional managements that the deadlines, as well as the effectiveness of the implementation of these tasks, they are responsible.