In Mangystau region invites action “with Nature!”


With the support of the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Leader of the Nation of NHRIs “Eco Mangistau” in the framework of the project “Comprehensive program for monitoring and remediation environmental quality, environmental education and education” carries out the action “I am Nature”, which will be held on the Caspian sea in the area of “Blue Bay” 17 June from 09.00 to 18.00.
The project is aimed primarily at facilitating the solution of environmental problems, attracting the attention of the population, particularly the youth to environmental issues, increase civic engagement.
“We expect to improve the perception of the importance of preserving the environment and understanding of high value tourism natural sites among the General public and young people, building closer ties between public authorities and civil society activists on the development of tourist sites and their preservation. And we are glad that our initiative was supported by the Fund of the First President”, — said the Director of FSL “Eco Mangistau Kirill Osin.
Share “I can Nature” is not just the event on sanitary purification of natural places, but also a great event for residents for active recreation, paired with expanding horizons in unique natural sites and tourist facilities. All participants will find a fascinating quest.
“This is only the first event in the framework of this project. We still have a lot of interesting events, which we will further announce. Including free tours of our Holy and natural places”, — said Kirill Osin.
Those wishing to participate in a free action “with Nature” can pre-register by phone 50-38-80 or visit the office weekdays at the address: 4 MKR – 57 house – of 15.
For further information contact: 50-38-80,