In Aktau honored workers of medicine


Today in Aktau for the Day of medicine held a ceremony, which was attended by akim of the region Yeraly Tugzhanov, Deputy akim of the region, Secretary of regional maslikhat Bekmurat Zhusipov, heads of the state bodies of the region, employees and veterans of medicine.

Akim of the Mangystau region congratulated medical workers on their professional holiday and presented them with certificates and letters of appreciation. The number of medical workers were awarded medal of the Ministry of health of the “Veteran of labour” , breastplates “excellent worker of public health”, “For contribution to the development of public health”, letters of thanks of the Ministry of healthcare of Kazakhstan and akimat of Mangistau region. Doctors veterans for making a special contribution to the development of medicine in the region and the hard work was awarded with breastplates: “Hippocrates”, “Avicenna”, “Pirogov”. And also regional branch of party “Nur Otan” presented letters of appreciation to distinguished physicians.

Today, many are born weak and premature children weighing 500-900 grams. One of them are girls, twins, who were born in October 2013 with a weight of 700 grams. Thanks to the services of specialists of the regional perinatal centre and the city clinic of Zhanaozen of the children survived. As well as the neurosurgeon of regional children’s hospital gave a second life to a year-old child, making a 5-hour operation on the brain. At the event of the regional health Department presented gifts to the children and doctors.

– At the time of independence of the Republic in the area were open 140 health care facility, of which 112 public, 28 private. In recent years, with 2015, life expectancy has increased by more than 10 years, currently the average life expectancy of 73.5 years. As you know, is one of the main indicators characterizing the health status of the population and the level of medical care. Every day thousands of Mangistau’s citizens use medical institutions. Thousands of patients are being treated in hospital. Every day, more than 60 women become mothers. Mangystau region ranks first in fertility. Daily hospital spend about 5-6 surgeries for children. Surgeons the day more than 50 patients undergo surgery, every day more than 200 patients are emergency. We employ more than 1,500 doctors and 5,000 nurses and paramedics. All this is thanks to you. You come to the rescue in the most difficult moments, returning people’s lives. You chose a very difficult and responsible profession, but very important and necessary to people, – said in his congratulatory speech akim of the Mangystau region Yeraly Tugzhanov.
The event continued with a concert program prepared by the medical professionals.