Heating with ice is now a reality Viessmann presents cutting-edge technologies at Expo 2017


The German company Viessmann, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of heating, industrial and refrigeration systems, has been selected by leading industry experts to demonstrate their advanced technologies in the pavilion of Energy Best Practices” (EBPA). As company with 100 years of experience in the energy sector, Viessmann constantly offers innovative solutions, and at Expo 2017 it is going to present three unique technologies: ice storage systems (effective heating and cooling with ice), power-to-gas technology (innovative method of converting surplus electricity to natural gas) and fuel cells (technology for generating heat and electricity independent of the central power network).

Viessmann follows the principles of energy efficiency and substituting fossil for renewable energy sources, so the company’s latest technologies are designed with environmental compatibility in mind. Thus, the innovative ice storage system uses three renewable energy sources at once: sun, air and ground heat. Just imagine: the heat accumulated in the summer can be saved and used during the winter! And vice versa – the energy of ice crystallization during a cold spell can be turned into heat. In a special ice storage, there are natural processes of freezing and melting of water, which are converted into energy for heating and cooling the building. It 100 percent environmentally friendly, can be used everywhere and most importantly: it uses the cheap resource of simple tap water in the most effective way.

Another highly environmentally compatible technology, which can be seen at Viessmann’s Expo stand, is power-to-gas. Here, surplus electricity from renewable sources is used to generate hydrogen, and in a second step methane. The gas thus generated can be used in the existing network without further processing, and also can be saved in large amounts and for a long period of time.

The fuel cell technology also showcased by Viessmann will be highly appreciated by the private householders – it is an efficient system of heat and electricity generation by natural gas, which allows for up 95 percent independence from the central power network. By doing so, fuel cells can replace or supplement the central grid as well as other systems of renewable energy sources. In addition, this technology reduces emissions by half.

Without a doubt, Viessmann raises quality standards and shapes new trends in the industry. You can learn more about these unique technologies at the company’s stand on the first floor of the “Best Energy Practices” Pavilion. See you at Expo-2017!