In Aktau has held a large-scale event in honor of Day against drug abuse


On the square Astana held a series of events dedicated to the International day against drug abuse. In addition to youth and representatives of law enforcement agencies in the organization of the festival was attended by “friends.” Specially trained dogs have demonstrated to all those present in the square, as able in minutes to find illegal drugs from passers-by.
Residents and guests of the city of Aktau were able to enjoy a spectacular concert performed by the Mangystau dance and vocal groups. The skill demonstrated also young representatives of sports clubs: martial artists, gymnasts. Passed demonstration performances of street workout.
Passersby were handed t-shirts and caps with the inscription “No to drugs”. Throughout the festival presenters reminded the audience about how important it is to stay away from this addiction. Moreover, all drugs have a harmful effect on human health, their storage, use and dissemination refers to the serious crimes under the criminal code of the Republic of Kazakhstan and is punishable by imprisonment.
Very positive and clean event. When I see so many young children involved in sports, leading an active and healthy lifestyle, watching how they get pleasure from what you do involuntarily want to join their ranks, or at least to send their child there. Not pressuring you, telling how bad it is to smoke marijuana, you show what you can do instead. And, indeed, a lot of interesting things there are in Aktau, I really like that the city is growing, increasing the number of clubs and societies, young people are less likely to be found in the hallways, at this rate, I think we will be able to overcome drug addiction, – expressed his opinion Aigul Karaeva, a resident of Aktau.
From January 2017, in Mangystau region identified 150 offences related to drugs. Eight facts more than the same period last year. Identified 63 drug crimes, including 43 facts of sale of drugs.