Yards Aktau compete in landscaping


In Aktau, as in other cities, there is almost no cottages and private houses (only a few houses on the Cape Cretaceous, near 26th and in the upper districts), but here the yards of apartment houses compete with each other in landscaping. In 2014 even held a citywide contest for the best green yard, the winner then became three sections: 11 building 3 district 29 in 9 district, 6 building 26 in the district. Do they support the brand, and if there is a competition, inspected the correspondent of MIA “Kazinform”.

Interesting courtyard you can see 10 at home in the fifth district of the city of Aktau. Take care of it wife Lysenko for several years now. “Now in our yard 8 elms, new trees were not planted, they are so many. But flowers, Yes. Spring blooming tulips, lilies, very beautiful sight. In summer, water the plants, of course, often necessary, after two days on the third, we have a hot and dry region, it turns out about twice a week. Goes everytime 3 cubes drinking water. To loosen it is necessary to monitor the cleanliness of our site. I work, wife Galina and helps neighbors, including help with paying water for irrigation. The main helper is the neighbor Shcherban, Lidiya Stepanovna and Natalia. I hope that future generations will estimate our work and will continue it”, – says Grigory Gavrilovich Lysenko.Green courtyards can be seen in the 7 district, near 30 home, 29 neighborhood, near the house 21. A few of them in the third district: about 11, 141 and 35 houses. “The landscaping of our yard we started in 2003. Previously, there was only one Apple tree. Dug the ground, planted flowers, fruit trees, now growing 6 peach trees, 7 cherry, 3 Apple, 2 apricot, 15 currant bushes, from which cook delicious jam. Grapes the whole yard was overgrown. Last year 40 liters of wine procured. In addition, a lot of the grapes has frozen, all winter drinking compote.

Grape leaves used in cooking dolma. Three years ago, when he won the contest our yard announced its intention to build a small fountain, the Playground, Yes, so long as hands are not reached,” – says Anatoliy Kondratyuk.In addition, on a plot of one hundred square meters Anatoly planted a lot of flowers: peonies, dahlias, daisies, zinnia, night beauty, Turkish carnation, petunias, lilacs. He is working after work (as a welder), so not all complains A. Kondratyuk, strong enough. One more thing: a patio it is not obstructed, even the grid is not, so much of the fruit plucked by children. However, Anatoly just glad that they replenish the body with vitamins, because he planted trees not only for their children and grandchildren and for all.

He is watering the yard a bit every day, in a circle. As for water, to say how much is spent on watering of green spaces, he can’t, never paying attention to it… Interesting courtyard you can see in the sixth district of the city of Aktau, near the house 19. The fence they are felled and dried logs of trees by the roots, stripped of bark and varnished.In Aktau the people caring for the ecology of the native land, equip any piece of territory in the neighborhood. So, near the shop in the second district, for example, you can see a small flowerbed, a fence which served as the usual bottles.