In Mangystau region discussed the preservation of biodiversity and ecosystems


3-5 July 2017 in the village of Kuryk Karakumskogo district of Mangistau region held a meeting of the Committee in project management (PMC) in the field of biodiversity carried out by the Committee of forestry and wildlife and other state agencies supported by the UN development Program in Kazakhstan.

The meeting of the Committee on project management in the field of biodiversity gathered representatives of the ministries of agriculture, investment and development, Finance, energy, akimats of Mangistau and Kyzylorda oblasts, Fund of support of agriculture, UNDP, oil companies and nongovernmental organizations dealing with nature protection issues. This is the seventh meeting of the PAMC takes place in the village of Kuryk karakiyan district of Mangistau region – in karakiyan district is the Ustyurt state nature reserve (GPP) with it nepovtorimym landscape.

The PMC will discuss questions of creation of an optimal ecological network on the Ustyurt plateau Ustyurt and the expansion of the refinery. The representative of Central Asian desert initiative (Central Asian Desert Initiative (CADI), Germany, will talk about the global significance of the ecosystems of Ustyurt and valuable areas for biodiversity conservation. Participants Koopa will discuss the influence of gazorazdatochnaja works on ecosystems, and will also hear proposals for the introduction of new approaches to the system of compensatory mechanisms for loss of biodiversity and ecosystems in the areas of oil fields. On the Coupe are pilot projects implemented in the framework of UNDP project on grant and microcredit programme.

Coop members will visit the farm (KKH) “Erbol” (the creation of forage land (alfalfa) in the desert zone), the project “Sustainable development of vegetable production in greenhouses using drip irrigation”, “Introduction of alternative energy sources on distant station “Tulpar”, “Water pasture plot KKH “Uldana”.

Participants Koopa will determine further measures for an effective implementation of the projects and their extensions to the conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem in the country.