Emergency Department of Mangistau warns of early fire season in the region


Come fire season. The number of fires at this time can be increased significantly, this raises the risk of wildfires.

We have in Mangystau region not only a large part of the territory is covered with trees and shrubs, the surface is partially covered with salt marshes and sand with very sparse vegetation.

Only in the month of June 2016 in Mangistau and Beineu districts was registered 3 steppe fire, where the area damaged by fire was 46.5 Ha in Mangystau 6.5 Ha – 2 case and 40 hectares in Tupkaragan district – 1 case.

Also in Mangystau region Beineu district there is a Forest Fund in the form thickets of saxaul.

The area of the territory covered with forests is 112 thousand ha or 53% of the total area of the district.

On the occurrence of natural fires Beineu Samsky and government agencies on the protection of forests and wildlife in 2013 and 2014 purchased light fire engines based on the UAZ ATS-09-10.

To date, the Department jointly with local Executive bodies set up fire positions in the village of Taushik Akshukur and Tupkaragan district.

The issue related to the establishment of fire stations in the village of Senek Karakiya in the village of SAI-Utes Mangystau regions.

Established fire positions will also be involved in the suppression of fires in settlements.

In the region there are 36 voluntary fire-prevention formations population of 348 people, whose weapons include 2 units of fire equipment, adapted 87 and 10 of the inner lining.

In order to reduce the number of fires in the residential sector to date podborovye rounds more than 3 thousand individual private houses, where instruction on fire safety measures covered more than 13 thousand people.

In this regard, for the purpose of teaching and informing people in the field of fire safety for the specified period carried out performances in the media – 727: TV – 27, in printed publications – 107 radio – 328.

In conjunction with the Department of education conducted 35 interactive lessons online covering 301 schools enrolled students 11 593 thousand people.