In the Maritime customs of Aktau celebrated the Day of Astana


At the customs post “seaport” of the Department of state revenue for the Mangistau region held a solemn собраниепосвященную19 anniversary of the day of Capital.

As was stated from the rostrum in Astana is not just bright, modern metropolis. It is a symbol of our state, of renovation and appropriation of spirituality by the people of Kazakhstan. Astana is a city which is associated with dreams, hopes and prospects of all generations of Kazakhstanis.

Speaking about the role of the capital in the recent history of Kazakhstan, the head of the post said that by historical standards the 19 year period, it would seem not a large amount of time, but in fact it includes a huge number of events, which, as in the prism reflect the development of our Republic.

“Absolutely true formula brought to this account the Head of state Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev, noting that as “Formation of Astana – the problem is not regional, and national scale.” Astana is a symbol of development of modern Kazakhstan, our overall success, prosperity and a secure future! Astana is the capital of the country, which throughout its history was the center of the combination of historic and cultural heritage of great civilizations. In the formation of our independent state, our capital has helped us the main thing – our unity and our time-tested, tempered not in the same tests. The unity of all Nations and peoples living in our country. Ultimately, all of the above guidelines aimed at uniting the people of Kazakhstan in achieving strategic development goals, the mobilization of communities to address the ambitious objectives of the new role of Kazakhstan in the world as a modern and dynamically developing country.