The villagers Sarga Mangystau region: start of construction of water treatment constructions and local water supply


A great gift for the villagers Sarga Beineu district of Mangistau region was the beginning of the construction of water treatment plant and rural water supply. The aim of the project is the provision of purified drinking water. Design capacity is considerable, it includes the water filled the station of 91.2 m3/HR, capacity of tanks for clean water – 1000 m3; capacity of reservoirs for raw water is 500 m3. The cost of construction of 487,583 million tenge, contractor is LLP “sico”. The construction works will involve 30 local residents. Funds allocated from the Republican budget. Contractors expect to complete construction in 2018. The length of the water 27,275 km, which will provide 200 homes with quality drinking water.

Akim of the region Yeraly Tugzhanov noted that the Head of the state N. Nazarbayev in his address to people of Kazakhstan noted that the state policy of development of economy and infrastructure in rural areas should be aimed at creating conditions in accordance with modern standards of living.