Development program in Mangystau region for 2016-2020 in the field of tourism


The mission of the Department of tourism – the development of highly effective and competitive tourist industry for stable employment growth, income, region and population.

The main tasks of the Department of tourism:

– ensuring development of tourist activities;

– ensuring improvement of quality of tourist services;

– promoting the tourism product of Mangystau region

Main target indicators:

– increase the number of served users in places of accommodation for domestic tourism (residents), in comparison with the previous year. The number of visitors for domestic tourism (residents) for the 1st quarter of 2017 compared to the same period of 2016 increased by 112%.

– increase the number of served users placements for inbound tourism (non-residents), in comparison with the previous year. The number of visitors of inbound tourism (non-residents) for the 1st quarter of 2017 compared to the same period of 2016 increased by 133%.

– granted increase in the number of bed-days, compared with the previous year. Given the number of bed-days for the 1st quarter of 2017 compared to the same period of 2016 increased by 109%.

In January-March 2017 the rise of visitors of inbound tourism compared with the same period of last year by 133 %, which was 6873 people.

The number of visitors of domestic tourism over 3 months 2017 in comparison with the similar period of 2016 increased by 3255 people and made 38 386 people.

Analysis of the main indicators compared with same period of 2016 shows that 3 months of 2017 number of units increased by 16 units, the increase observed in the number of served users on 4974 people (115%), number of rooms – 496 units (120%), at a time capacity – 1433-bed, here the increase is due to the opening of new accommodation facilities. The volume of rendered services increased by 41229,5 thousand tenge.

In 2016 and 1H 2017 development of tourism infrastructure in the region was carried out by the discovery of new and reconstruction of existing hotels and resorts, such as: “CY”, “Tree of Life”, “SunSet”, “Dostar” in Aktau. Also in the village Akzhigit Beineu district in partial gospodarie “employment roadmap-2020” opened guest house. In the city of Aktau opened two hostels.

In January 2016, was signed a Memorandum on cooperation between akimat of Mangistau region and JSC “entrepreneurship support Fund “Damu” to support small and medium enterprises in the tourism sector. In the framework of the Memorandum, banks-partners, approved 12 projects of 900 million tenge. Following the implementation of all projects will be opening 195 new jobs.

To attract tourists to the area held international forums devoted to the hotel industry, child tourism, etc. Given the huge interest of tourists to the unique natural landscapes, numerous monuments, historical, cultural and ethnic heritage held invotory for Kazakhstan and representatives of tour operators from Europe, such as Brazil, Germany, Israel, Spain, Holland, Switzerland. The result of the information rounds was the conclusion of cooperation agreements (27 contracts) with domestic and foreign tour operators. Today in the region visited 80 tourists from Japan, 17 tourists from the Netherlands, 21 tourists from Europe, 10 tourists from Aktobe. The scope called for 180 tourists from Russia, 11 tourists from Italy, 10 tourists from America, 34, a tourist from Europe. In 2016, concluded 7 contracts, under which the region was visited by 22 tourists from Latvia, 12 tourists from the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan, 5 tourists from Italy, 15 tourists from Hong Kong, 10 tour operators on request of JSC “NC Astana Expo”.

In 2016 for the first time in our area arrived tourist train “the Orient Silk Road Express” “Express is planned to open Zholy” with tourists from Germany and Switzerland, which came in 2 stages in the amount of 95 people and they organized excursions to the cities of Aktau and Fort-Shevchenko in the underground mosque Shakpak-ATA, the mountain Sherkala and other places of interest in the region.

In the framework of the EU project “Regional development of Kazakhstan”, the office developed the project “Strategy of tourism development in Mangystau region for 2016-2020”.

In order to promote tourist potential of the region at the international exhibition “MITT in 2016”, “MITT – 2017” held in Moscow international tourist fair in Berlin held a presentation of tourist potential of the Mangystau region.

Every year the tourist potential of the region is presented in the Kazakhstan international tourist exhibitions in the cities of Almaty and Astana.

In the month of September, 2016 on the Kazakhstan tourist exhibition “Astana-Holiday 2016” by the Department of tourism was held a seminar-presentation on the topic: “Presentation of tourist potential of Mangystau region”, where guests of the exhibition got acquainted with the wealth of natural objects and sacred places of Western Kazakhstan.

During the presentation, was disclosed in detail the topic about the features of rest in Mangistau, namely: ecotourism, extreme sports holidays, holidays with children and family. Along with this was presented the first mobile application in the field of tourism in Mangystau region MTravel (Mangystau Travel).

MTravel is a mobile tourist guide, which today provides an opportunity for all residents and visitors of Mangystau region free check out the latest news and most important events in the tourism sector, to consider proposals for accommodation and rest, to get acquainted with natural objects and monuments of history and also build your route to the best of them. With this app you will be able to learn more about the tourism potential and opportunities of the tourism industry in the region.

It should be noted that to promote tourist destinations of the region was launched online portal which is filled daily with information on developments in the field and in the field of tourism. Added a module with the integration service of the same name (for visitors to the region hotels in Aktau). Created partition popularizing recreational areas “rest on the shore of the Caspian sea”. In posting information about each area indicated: the prices, how to get all modes of transport, short description and contacts for booking or additional information.

For the year 2016 page views on the website set in 44 938 pages (19 826 visits) new visitors were 16 168 – new visitors who are interested in tourism Mangistau. Increased number of hits from smartphones to 49.3 % (from PC to 47.5 %). It is also noted that increased time spent by visitors on the website from 1 minute to 3 minutes. A day browsing the site an average of 100 to 400 people.

In order to build the younger generation careful attitude to nature realized the social project “promotion of a healthy lifestyle.” In this project, more than 2,000 children went on tours of unique ecological route “Legends of the ancestors”, visit the museums of the city of Fort-Shevchenko, beautiful places of nature and was involved sanitary improvement of the monuments of nature.

In addition, the Department of tourism in cooperation with NGOs “Happy Aktau” implemented the project on monitoring the tourist traffic, arriving to the territory of the region.

In September 2016, organised a training seminar on the basis of Mangistau tourism College, where he taught the skilled specialists of international level with 24 participants from tourist companies in the region have been trained and issued certificates.

To promote tourist potential of the region by the Department of tourism together with the travel agencies for 2016 given 6 information and promotional tours on tourist facilities in the region with the participation of domestic and foreign tour operators and media representatives, including last months of the year in the framework of and preparation for the International specialized exhibition “EXPO-2017” organized information and promotional tours for domestic and foreign tour operators and media and Chinese tour operators.

In addition, together with non-governmental organizations promoted a healthy lifestyle among children and adolescents. So, for the years 2014-2016 more than 5,000 students of the district and city schools visited the most unique monuments of nature, culture and history of Mangistau. Regarding the development of children’s tourism in the region, it should be noted that thanks to the coordinated work with the leaders of major oil companies operating on the territory of Mangistau region, such as Karazhanbasmunai, karakudukmunay, Maersk organized summer holidays for children in local health camps located on the coast of the Caspian sea in Mangystau region. In conjunction with the Department of education approved a plan of measures on development of children’s tourism in Mangystau.

In September 2016 in the city of Aktau in celebration of the 25 anniversary of independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the World day of tourism, development of youth tourism held the international tourist forum “tourism is the basis of formation of tourist culture.”

The forum was attended by experts and specialists in children’s tourism, who shared their experiences and new ideas.

The forum with participation of representatives of the Caspian countries held an international beauty contest “Queen of the Caspian sea in 2016.”

In the framework of state social order in the September-October event held on the theme “Historical and cultural inclusive tours” consisting of 3 rounds. Goal: promoting cultural tourism and the creation of conditions for improvement of children on the basis of their inclusion in diverse, socially relevant and student-engaging activity.