In Aktau discussed the issue of construction of the new Park


Akim of the Mangystau region has met with representatives of the Italian company Paghera on the construction of the Park in Aktau
Mangistau was attended by representatives of the Italian company Paghera Massimo Alberti, Sahib khudaverdiyev for discussion with the Head of the region Yeraly Tugzhanov issues in the construction of a Park in the city of Aktau. The company Paghera has 150 years of experience in building parks all over the world, the technology of irrigation with sea water.
Massimo Alberti said at the meeting with akim of the region Yeraly Tugzhanov on the project for construction of the Park in Aktau. The peculiarity of the technology in the field of agronomy company Paghera is that Italian experts have identified more than 100 plants suitable for irrigation with sea water. In Aktau the company can build a huge Park, which will have a capacity of forests around it will grow shrubs and flowers.
Company Paghera has technology that watering plants is possible almost raw sea water. For this we need to put in the Park special plants that have been studied in U.S. labs. The technology we use for landscaping in different countries. For example, Egypt has about 30 parks, the landscaping of which involved our company. Speaking of Aktau, we are talking about 12 acres of land at a cost of 6 million 750 thousand euros. If the lighting, the drainage system in the Park will engage your experts, the cost of the project will fall. Perhaps the construction of the Golf club, we have a similar experience in Miami, where the Golf courses are also watered with sea water, – said General Director of the company Paghera Massimo Alberti.
After the talks, the Governor of the region noted that the project requires a detailed discussion. Mangystau experts will perform a detailed analysis after a more detailed presentation of the project representatives of the company will be decided.