“Nurly Zhol” in Mangistau: infrastructure development for 2015-2019


The message of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev to people of Kazakhstan dated 11 November 2014 “Nurl yeol – path to future” the importance of modernization of housing and communal services of the country and in connection with which was adopted the Program of infrastructure development “Nurly Zhol” for 2015 – 2019.

In the framework of the State program “Nurly Zhol” in the period 2015-2017. in Mangystau region was implemented the following projects.

In 2015, the project “Construction and reconstruction of engineering networks (heating) stage 2″with a total value of 1 027 241,26 thousand tenge from the National Fund allocated– 927 241,0 thousand tenge. The project replaced the main heating networks with a total length of 10450 meters 8″and”, 9, 12, 14, 15, 22, 23 neighborhoods of the city of Aktau special sberegayuschimi heat pipes in diameter from 108 to 530 mm. In the month of October, 2016 work on the construction is fully completed, the project put into operation.
As a result of implementation of the project was ensured a continuous supply of heat, increasing the quality and reliability of heat supply, reducing the number of accidents and costs in thermal networks.

In 2015, the project”Construction of parting networks of the sewers of new districts (16, 17, 19, 19a, 30, 31, 32A, 33, 34a, 35)” with a total value of 391,08 1 067 thousand tenge, allocated from Nationalregional – 734 391,0 thousand tenge, project 31, 31A, 31B, 32A, 32B, 34, 34A, 34B districts conducted of sewer distribution network with a length of 885 meters всего23 and between 17,19 and 31, 32 districts, one for each built two sewage pumping station (SPS), to date the allocated funds fully utilized, completed construction and installation work, currently work acceptance of object in operation.
During the implementation of the project achieved the result on the centralized provision of sanitation for the city of Aktau on 100 %.

In 2016, the project “Modernization for increasing the performance of the desalination plant “Caspian” in the city of Aktau” from the National Fund allocated -3 138 307 thousand tenge.To date they have purchased and installed 5 units of desalination plants with a capacity of 4000м3 of water per day. As a result, the plant’s capacity was further increased by 20, 000m3 of water per day, in this regard, the total capacity has reached 30, 000m3 of water per day.
This in turn allows to provide drinking water in pornotubeitaliano district, belokurakinsky district and villages Akshukur and Salihaplatov.freehostia.com district.

In 2016, the project “Construction of Autonomous boiler-houses in the village, Munaily district, Mangistau” the National Fund allocated 016 -710 thousand tenge.Currently, construction works are fully completed, the allocated funds fully utilized through the arrangement of Autonomous boiler rooms in places of sosredotochena many-storeyed houses and social facilities in the village of Mangistau just installed 10 boilers, the object will be put into operation for the heating season 2017-2018.
As a result of implementation of the project will be achieved energy savings, residents and social facilities will be provided high quality and economical heat supply.

In 2017 the project “Carrying out of water supply and Sewerage in the city of Fort-Shevchenko and Bautino village. Adjustment. Water pipe to individual homes in Fort-Shevchenko and water line from water wells to the ground water pumping station (ANS)”General price – 1 450 039 thousand tenge from the month of may of the current year has started construction and installation works, today laid the 12 700 m of water supply pipe. 32mm.For laying pipelines was dug a 3 km of trenches. The project implementation period 2017-2018.
The length of the construction water 61,811 km, as a result of quality drinking water will be covered by 10,200 people.