C beginning of the year in Mangystau region attracted 10 foreign investors


The Message to the people of Kazakhstan in January 2017 the President of the country Nursultan Nazarbayev once again emphasized the attraction of foreign investors. And in March this year, was created JSC “national company “Kazakh Invest”, whose main task is to act as a single negotiator with targeted multinational companies and major investors on behalf of the Government of Kazakhstan.

Today, the company has already started work in our region. The huge flow of foreign investment is accompanied by regional representatives of JSC “NC “Kazakh Invest” in Mangystau region. With the launch of Regional offices in Mangystau region in the region was accompanied by more than 10 foreign missions the purpose of which business investment in various sectors of the regional economy. This is a company with different foreign countries such as Italy, Israel, Turkey, Japan, China, Denmark etc. I would like to note that today every meeting akim of the region togzhanov Yeraly of Lukpanovich with potential foreign investors held with the participation of regional representatives of JSC “NC “Kazakh Invest” whose involvement in investment projects plays a crucial role.