Yeraly Tugzhanov: tourism development must be approached from all sides


Governor’s office of Mangistau region held a regular tenth session of the regional maslikhat of the 6th convocation, where, where were presented reports on the development of tourism in the region.

The development of tourism in Mangistau region – one of the promising areas of the region. Being in a convenient geographical location Mangystau oblast is the only region in the Caspian sea. In accordance with the Program of development of Mangistau region for 2016-2020 developed a clear strategic plan for the development of tourism.

As noted by the head of the Department of tourism Goljan Bayhonova main tasks today are: the development of tourism activities, improvement of the quality of tourism services promoting the tourism product of Mangystau region.

At the session of the regional maslikhat proposals for tourism development was made by the Deputy of the regional maslikhat of Mangistau region Dmitry Klinchev.

Akim of the region Yeraly Tugzhanov supported speakers noted that the issue of tourism development must be approached from all sides. This is improvement of service, excursions to historical and cultural monuments of the region, the implementation of major projects for the construction of holiday homes, Wellness centers.