Akim Mangistau conducted a raid on gas stations in the region


Today akim of Mangistau region Eraly Tugzhanov personally conducted a raid on 6 gas stations of the region.

During the raid the head of the region got acquainted with the documentation, the volumes of supply and the course of sales of gas. Akim of the region noted that there are no necessary reports at gas filling stations. In this regard, the tax committee was instructed to conduct a full inspection of the operating activities of gas stations operating in the region.

Also, akim of the region had a talk with the drivers. After listening to all complaints, he noted that this issue is on his personal control and in the near future the problem with the queues will be solved.

– In order to thoroughly understand all the nuances, it is necessary to recheck all private structures. Calculate the entire amount of gas that they receive, and the volume that they sell to prevent resale. In this regard, an instruction was given to the Department of State Revenue to recheck completely the entire volume of all private entities over the past and current years. In addition, all vehicles supplying gas installedGPS-navigators, which are on the control of the DVD region. This step was taken to prevent unauthorized removal of liquefied gas. At the same time, in order to solve the problem of gas shortage, an additional volume of 60 tons of gas is allocated for Aktau today, which will be distributed throughout all gas stations throughout the day, “said the head of the region Eraly Tugzhanov.

Based on the results of the inspections, akim of the region made an oral observation to the Akim of Aktau Serikbay Trumov and reprimand to deputy Akim of Aktau city Tileku Koshmagambetov for insufficient control over the activities carried out and instructed to establish work in the shortest possible time.

Photo: by Serik Mayemerov