Mangistau to build a desalination plant


To solve the problem of water supply in the peninsula of Mangistau, it is necessary to build a desalination plant. So, in the regional akimat with the participation of akim of the region Eraly Tugzhanov, a regular signing of a memorandum for long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation between the akimat and BeltWay-SafBonConsortium was held to implement the project for the construction of a sea water desalination plant in Mangistau region.

The project for the construction of the desalination plant of the region was presented by the executive director of the company Astana Kyzmet-KZ Bolat Ыдырысбаев, the director of BeltWay-SafBonConsortium Ali Mohamad Khatib and the general manager of SafBonWaterService (Holding) Inc. Vang Xian.

Akimat of the region and guests are interested in having a new source of desalinated water in the region.

According to the plan, the plant will be located 22 km south of the village of Kuryk. As a source of power supply, a gas turbine power station (GTES) will be used. The capacity of the plant will be 80000 cubic meters of desalinated sea water per day with the possibility of increasing production capacity in the future. Desalinated water can be provided by JSC “Ozenmunaygaz” it will be possible to provide settlements Zhetybai, Kuryk, Aktau and Zhanaozen, as well as livestock farms.

In addition, the implementation of this project will be an impetus for the development of agriculture and industry in the region.

As the head of the region Eraly Tugzhanov noted, the interests between the akimat and the companies coincide. Especially for today the submitted project, on construction of desalination plant one of the most bright and perspective. It must be realized in Mangistau.

In turn, the director of “BeltWay-SafBonConsortium” Ali Mohamad Khatib said that their company is ready to fully implement this project and use the most advanced technologies.

The head of the region instructed to create a working group, which will be engaged in the preparation and implementation of the project.